Which Cake is better, Buttercream or Foundant?

 That's a very good and common question that we always have with our customers. A cake is used for any kind of celebrations. The engine of the cake is the: taste, textures and flavors. The most impacting art is on the decoration. The art is expressed in the way the cake is decorated. Let's take deep look at it and point out the facts.

Buttercream Cake

Wedding Buttercream cake.

The Buttercream Cake is easier to manage in terms of decorations.

Is going to be less costly. The Buttercream is easier to produce and the mix of ingredients are less costly comparing to a foundant cake. Beneficial for the consumer.

The taste in buttercream have a tendency  to be more yummy. Is very rich on the sugar flavor and the sensation of the flavor endured more time.

The  decoration is good, but in terms of details is some kind limited. There is a lot that can be done with it, but if you are looking for almost a perfect surface; then foundant is the way to go.

Now let's talk about the Foundant Cake :

Wedding white floral foundant cake

Have a clean detailed decoration. Very smooth surface. 

The material for the foundant are more expensive. It's more limited in how much expansion can cover comparing to Buttercream. Higher cost materials transform into a more expensive cake for the Customer.

It takes more time to decorate. Foundant is a process of muscles. Most bakers know that you need to keep the measure thickness to cover the cake imperfections. Most decorations are layers after decorative shapes over.

The details are outstanding. It have a Wao factor. Is very elegant and clean

The  taste is very good but Buttercream is more yummy in the taste. Is more popular in teens and adults. Buttercream is popular on kids.

Now put this facts in balance and think about it. 

The engine is the heart(Cake), the design or model (Buttercream or Foundant) and the user is you. 

You can use luxuries, details and elegance or flavor, value and less detail.

My opinion is depending the celebration and  budget. Look at what is a real option for you and make the best out it. 

Thanks for reading and share your opinion.

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