What is a cake "Mojadito"

Everyone that doesn't know the word is asking, what is that? Mojadito is a spanish word that means moist. In cakes is not common to see this in a regular basics when you try to buy one at most popular groceries stores. Why is that ? the answer is very simple is too much work and not cost effective for a grocery store to spend more time, quality materials and knowledge for a delicate technique. When ever you see the word mojadito take in mind that the cake is sponge and you don't need a gallon of water to swallow it. The cake is going to be rich of flavor and very exquisite. Not only is delicious but very unforgettable because is the woaooo factor on every bite that feels very addictive to take another piece. Is a total different texture from the ones on the groceries stores. Take in mind that Mojadito carry a different European technique and the flavor of the Caribbean. Any time you have a chance give the opportunity to try it and discover a taste to remember.


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